Town and Gown Seminars

1 Accountants In The Banking Sector: Requirements, Prospects & Challenges
2 Data Analytics and the 21st Century Finance Professional
3 Evolution and the Future of Internal Audit
4 Corporate Governance: Why good accountants do bad audits
1 Appraising the Roles and Contributions of Architects in Smart Cities Development
2 Architecture In The 21st Century In Nigeria
3 Going Beyond Limits ‘Architecture In The 21st Century In Nigeria’
4 The Role of Architecture in Shaping Human Behaviour
5 Preparing For Architectural Practice
6 The Role of Architecture in Shaping Human Behaviour
7 The Role of the Architect in Project Management in the Telecommunication Industry
8 The Dynamics Of Negotiation In Obtaining Financial Stability As An Architect
9 Innovative Flooring Solutions For Architectural Spaces
  Banking and Finance
1 Legal Aspect of Electronic Banking in Nigeria: An Overview
2 Role of the Capital Market in a Recessionary Economy
  Biological Science
1 Building A Diverse Future
2 Career Development and Advancement: "Fighting The Odds"
3 Developing Your Most Indispensable Assets: Attitude and Vision
4 Making A Career In Nigeria: Experiences And Advice
5 Opportunities for Life Scientists in Food Processing Companies
6 The Quest For Excellence: Opportunities For A Career In Quality Management
  Building Technology
1 Analysis Of Builders Fortune In Developing Economy
2 Building Technology a panacea for Infrastructural development
3 Relevance Of Builder In The Actualization Of Millenium Development Goal Mdg 2022
  Business Management
1 Career Prospects Of Business Consulting In Nigeria
2 Effective Merchandising In A Global Economy- The Nigerian Perspective
3 Gown Meets Town
4 Pathways for Future Entrepreneurs
5 Performance Improvement In The Workplace- Role Of Effective Team Management
6 Rethinking Employee Wellbeing in HRM Practice- Focus on the Total Reward Model
7 The Role Of Managers In Reengineering Nigeria
1 Chemistry Bedrock of Economic Empowerment
2 Industrial Production Of Sulphuric Acid And Its Usefulness
3 Relevance of Chemistry In Drug Discovery
4 The Management And Control Of Product Quality
5 The Role Of A Chemist In The Pharmaceutical Industry
6 Water Processing: Quality Overview
  Civil Engineering
1 Building a Career in Civil Engineering: The Rudiments for the Young Engineer
2 The Role Of Civil Engineers In Society
3 The Role Of Engineers In The Development Of The Economy Of Nigeria
  Computer and Information Sciences
1 Computational Intelligence paradigm
2 ICT For Small Businesses
3 Information Security in Business Issues and Solutions
4 Proactively Mitigating The Cybersecurity Challenges In A Hyperconnected World
5 Repositioning Prospective Graduates  for Relevance in the Emerging IT Landscape
6 The Relevance of Enterprise Resource Planning
7 Technology In Banking Life After Campus
8 Thoughts On Finding Success In The Real World
1 Dynamics of Business Environment and Youth Employment
2 Harnessing Investment Opportunities in Financial Assets for Economic Recovery and Inclusive Growth in Nigeria
3 Re-positioning the Industry-Academia Partnership in Nigeria
4 Trending Issues in Trade Negotiations
  Estate Management 
1 Challenges And Prospects Of Real Estate Agency For Estate Surveyors And Valuers
2 International Standards And The Future Of Real Estate Practice – The Need For Property Databank
3 Intrigues In Real Estate Investment Analysis And Its Role As A Panacea For A Recessed Economy
4 Legal Issues In Real Estate How Prepared Are The Estate Surveyors And Valuers
5 Real Estate Investment Trust REIT as a Vehicle for Wealth Creation
6 The Dichotomy of Real Estate practice and theory
7 The Politics Of Land Administration In Nigeria - A Case Of Lagos State
1 Career Opportunities for Graduates of English in the Security Agencies in Nigeria
2 Humanities Education and the Quest for Life A broadcasters perspective
3 Opportunities In Advertising Environment For Graduates Of English
4 21st Century Graduate Of English Language In The Mass Media Industry
5 Career Prospect in Book Publishing for Graduates in English
6 Just Like A Dream- The Art Of Creative Writing
7 Languages Vision and The Prospects of Greatness in the 21st Century
8 The Limitlessness Of The Job Opportunities Open To 21st Century English Language Graduates
9 The media industry in Nigeria and the place of graduates of English
1 Analytical Mindset- A Panacea Of Success For The 21st Century Entrepreneur
2 Application of Mathematics in Design and Analysis of Dynamic Riser Systems
3 Applied Mathematics in the Oil and Gas industry Metocean Engineering
4 Developing Entrepreneur Engineers To Bridge The Gap Between Town And Gown In Emerging Economy
5 Importance Of Data Management
6 Mathematics An Integral Part Of Industrial Processes And Technological Advancement
7 Mathematics in the Eyes of Nigerian Youths: Myths and Realities
  Mass Communication
1 Creative Thinking Networking & Strategic Partnerships for Industry Relevance
2 Investigative And Interpretative Journalism: Contemporary Practice, Profitability, And Risks
  Mechanical Engineering
1 The Role Of Engineers In National Economy Development
2 The Role of Power Sector in Achieving Sustainable Development
1 Computational Physics with Java
2 Directional Drilling and Advanced Formation Evaluation Keys to Accurate Reserves Booking
3 Physics: Bedrock of Worlds Civilizations
4 Application Of Physics In Wireless Communications
5 Career Talk in Petroleum Geoscience & Prospectivity for Allied Disciplines
6 Electromagnetic Spectrum- Innovative And Effective Tool For Technology Development
1 A Sociologist In The Changing World Of Work
2 Media And Development Consulting In Contemporary Nigeria
3 Prison Administration In Contemporary Nigeria - A Sociological Perspective
4 Towards Efficient And Effective Policing In Nigeria

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