Public Lectures

S/N Topic Presenter Dept Date
40 Images and Imagination in the Actualization of Pontentials Prof. Osa D. Egonwa Human Development 2008.01
39 The Forward and Reverse Engineering of Information Technology in an Emerging Economic System Engr. (Professor) T. S Ibiyemi EIE 2003.05.14
38 Family Systems, Cultural Dynamics and Counseling Outcome - The African Paradigm Prof. Aize O. Imoukhome Obayan Leadership Development 2003.07.09
37 Another Look at Nigerian English Prof. Charles Ogbulogo English 2005.11
36 The 2006 Israeli and Palestinian Elections and the Middle East Peace Process Prof. Olusola Ojo PSI 2006.04
35 Chemical Engineering for the Development of a Strong Nation Prof. Josiah O. Bello Chemical Engineering 2006.06.29
34 The Destruction of the Black Gold, its Offspring and Human Development Prof. Churchill T. Ako Chemical Engineering 2006.09.28
33 Financial Sector Maladaptation, Resource Curse and Nigeria's Development Dilemma Prof. Joshua A. T. Ojo Banking & Finance 2007.01.25
32 The Soccer Pitch and the Arena of Politics in Nigeria Prof. Matthew O. Ajayi Political Science 2007.02.22
31 Management by Self- Punishment and our National Progress Prof. Joseph Abiodun Bello Business Studies 2008.01
30 Solar Energy, a Friendly Renewable Energy Option for Nigeria. Prof. ELISHA. B. BABATUNDE Physics 2007.06.28
29 Globalization, Energy, Education and Poverty Alleviation: Prospects & Challenges for Developing Nations Prof. James Katende EIE 2007.09.27
28 The Foundation and the Fundamental Pillar of World Technological Civilization and Economic Development Prof. Cleopas. A. Loto Mechanical Engineering 2007.10.25
27 French Studies And The Making Of The Total Man Prof. Emmanuel N. Kwofie French 2008.01.24
26 Chemical Industry: An Index of the Technological Development of a Nation Prof. Adeniran M. Mesubi Chemistry 2008.02.28
25 Positioning the Electric Power Sector for Electricity Sufficiency in Nigeria to meet up with Vision 2020 Engr. (Professor) J.C. Ekeh EIE 2008.02.28
24 Meaning and Relevance in Nigerian Traditional Architecture: The Dialectics of Growth and Change Arc. (Professor) Ekundayo Adeyinka Adeyemi Architecture 2008.04.24
23 Advanced Engineering Materials: Key to Millennium Development Goals in Africa Engr. (Professor) A. Inegbenebor Mechanical Engineering 2008.05.29
22 Chemistry: Between Theory and Application Prof. Kehinde Onwochei Okonjo Chemistry 2008.09.19
21 Reactor Design: The Development of a Simplified Novel Optimization Technique Prof. J. A. OMOLEYE Chemical Engineering 2008.11.24
20 Effective Utilization of Raw Materials for Development: Challenges and Perspectives Prof. Frederick Kofi Hymore Chemical Engineering 2009.01.30
19 Resource Creativity and Resistance: Strategy for Global Economic Development Prof. Sunday O. Otokiti Business Management 2009.02.27
18 High Level Manpower and Brain Drain in Africa: A Case for an Appropriate Development Policy Prof. Theophilus O. Fadayomi Economics 2009.03
17 Corruption and its Impact on the Economic Development of Nigeria Prof. Donald Nnaemeka. Ike Economics 2009.04.17
16 Physical Infrastructure for Sustainable National Development Prof. J. B. Adeyeri Civil Engineering 2009.04.15
15 Figuratively Speaking: Non-Literal Uses of English in Non-Literary Situations Prof. Christopher O. Awonuga English Language 2009.11.27
14 Spirituality in Academic Pursuit: God Showed it to me Prof. L. O. Egwari Biological Sciences 2010.02
13 Architectural Exploration of the Theory and Realities of Mind-Body Dualism Prof. Olajide Solanke Architecture 2010.03.19
12 Political Economy of Natural Resource Struggles in the Niger Delta, Nigeria Prof. Daniel A. Omoweh PSI 2010.04.16
11 Reconciling Climate Change and Economic Growth: The Need for an Alternative Paradigm of Development Prof. Dhamodharam Rudrappan Economics 2011.06.03
10 Communication, Politicians and True Democracy Prof. Idowu Sobowale Mass Communication 2013.05
9 Nigeria, Oil and the Yamani Syndrome Prof. Kayode Shoremekun PSI 2013.10
8 Fostering Psychological Adjustment: Pathways to National Wellness Prof. Amos A. Alao Leadership Development 2014.09
7 Nigeria Electricity Industry: Issues, Challenges and Solutions Prof. Claudius A. Awosope EIE 2014.10
6 Bullet and the Ballot: Interrogating Nigeria’s 4th Republic’s Electoral Consultations Prof. Kunle Amuwo PSI 2015.01
5 The End of Politics? Reclaiming Humanity in an Age of Biopower and Necropolitics Prof. Peyi Soyinka-Airewele PSI 2015.03
4 Technology Convergence and the Promise of Internet of Things: Prospects for Developing Economies PROFESSOR TOKUNBO OGUNFUNM I EIE 2015.03
3 Global Software Development Challenges and Opportunities in Nigeria Sanjay Misra Ph.D Computer and Information Sciences 2015.09
2 A Deconstructionist Alternative in A Post-Development Africa C. Nana Fynnba Derby, PhD Sociology 2015.08.04
1 Engaging the Mission to "Restore the Dignity of the Black Man": Challenges and Prospects Prof. Cecil Blake, Ph.D Mass Communication 2015.11

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