Inaugural Lectures

S/N Topic Lecturer Dept Date
1 Code Malaria: Eradication Developments for the Decade Prof. Ezekiel Adebiyi CIS 2011.03
2 Mono-Metallic Reforming Catalyst Life and Mortality: A Replica of Human Life and a Panacea to Better Health Prof. James Omoleye Chemical Engineering 2012.03
3 Language Engineering and the Destiny of Man in Africa Prof. Charles Ogbulogo English 2013.03
4 Microbial Life in the Presence of Carbon and Oxygen:Consequences for Man Prof. Louis Osayenum Egwari Biological Sciences 2014.02
5 Sustainable Engineering: A Vital Approach to Innovative Productive Development and Community Capacity Building Prof. Israel Dunmade Mechanical Engineering 2016.02
6 Bastardisation of the Templates of Industrial Relations practice in Nigeria: All Actors in Employment Relationships are Accusative and Censurable Prof.Olufemi J. Adeyeye Business Management 2016.03
7 Deconstructing the National Development Agenda: The Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Prof. C.K. Ayo Computer and Information Sciences 2016.1
8 What Does This Text Mean? Stylistics And The Process Of Interpretation Prof. Christopher Awonuga Languages 2017.03
9 Can two walk together except they agree? Prof. Amos A. Alao Psychology 2017.04
10 A Ladder Out of Poverty Or Cul-de-sac? Repositioning the Informal Economy for Employment Creation and Entrepreneurial Development in Nigeria Prof. Isiah O. Olurinola Economics 2017.10.19
11 Engineering and Manufacturing: A Sine Qua Non for Pertinence Prof. Festus A. Oyawale Mechanical Engineering 2017.11.10
12 By Words They Were Created: The Synergy between Language, Discourse and the Media in the Construction of Realities Prof. Taiwo Olubunmi Abioye Languages 2018.01.17
13 Psychological Virus Undermining Children and Adolescents' Development: The Antiviral in Counselling Psychology Abiodun Gesinde Psychology 2018.02.16
14 Mathematics: A Platform for Leapfrogging into Scientific and Technological Advancement Prof. Samuel A. Iyase Mathematics 2018.03.23
15 Lengthening Cords and Strengthening Stakes: Leadership Praxis and Transcendence in Counseling Practice Prof. Aize Obayan Psychology 2018.04.06
16 Be Fruitful, Multiply and Replenish the Earth: The Motivation, The Costs and The Gains Patrick A. Edewor Sociology 2018.09.28
17 Efficient Data Exchange in Computer Networks: Big Data and Security in the Emerging Smart World Samuel N. John, PhD EIE 2018.10.18
18 From Evolution to Revolution: Biochemical Disruptions and Emerging Pathways for Securing Africa's Future Shalom Nwodo Chinedu, Ph.D Biochemistry 2019.03.01
19 “Subdue and Dominate the Earth”: Plant Biotechnology for Sustainable Development Olawole O. Obembe, Ph.D Biological Sciences 2019.03.22
20 Sequencing and Negotiating Nigeria's Regional and International Trade Agreements Jonathan A. Aremu, Ph.D Economics and Development Studies 2019.04.18
21 Solid Waste Revolution: The Artificial Intelligence towards Smart, Sustainable and Safe Cities Kolawole O. Ajanaku, Ph.D Chemistry 2019.10.25
22 Rethinking the Methodological Approach to Contemporary Macroeconomic Analysis in Nigeria Philip O. Alege, Ph.D Economics and Development Studies 2019.11.29
23 Actuating Spirituality for Ethical Accounting Practice Forever Prof. Francis Odianonsen Iyoha, Ph.D Accounting 2022.04.08
24 Safe Food For Sustainable Development Of The Packets Of Microorganisms Guided By Divine Essence Prof. Solomon Oranusi, Ph.D Microbiology 2022.06.24

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